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January 23, 2019 Off

Tips for Planning a Less Stressful Move

By Jill T Frey

Planning a move is no small task. There are so many things that need to be done well in advance of a move in addition to all the things that must be done during the move. That is why being properly prepared can go a long way in making things go smoothly. 

Cleaning Out, Donating and Selling Off Items Before a Move 

For people who own a home or have a great deal of things they are considering moving, this is the perfect time to clean out things and either donate them or sell them. All major removalist companies like Mornington Peninsula Removalists will charge a customer based on how much they are moving for a client and how far they are traveling. That is why it is best to get ahead of the process months in advance and get rid of things that are not needed. This the perfect … Read the rest