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Take It One Step Further

Please, i have a suggestion for all of you outraged, as i am about the fraud perpetrated by Dan Rather and CBS News.

Scroll all the way to the very bottom and click on the "Contact Us" link. A simple form will appear in a pop-up window.

Write a very short, polite expression of your opinion and request that Dan Rather resign as anchorman of CBS News.

i would suggest being very brief, and polite. Don't label the message as a complaint, instead use the comment, suggestion or request button, as i did.

would also suggest that you tell your friends to also send similar messages to CBS News. Copy and paste this post into an email if you want.

It only takes two seconds, and even if it doesn't work, it made me feel good doing it.

Update: Rather isn't going easily. He's dug in his heels. We can do this. Keep up the e-mails.

Update 2: Now CBS News has stupidly dug in its heels with Rather. It reminds me of Clinton's famous line, when he had decided not to admit the truth about Monika: "We'll just have to win then."

If they're so unimpeachable, CBS should name them. Otherwise why should anyone take their word for it?

Here, CBS is making the incredible claim that Killian's widow and son, who both doubt the authenticity of CBS's memos, are somehow less familiar with the late Colonel's procedures, character and thinking than the mysterious "deep throat" sources cited by CBS.

A lie. No handwriting expert contacted by anyone in the blogosphere or the media thinks the memos are authentic. And some very highly qualified forensic examiners are on record as saying they are probably forgeries.

Why the hell not? Have they even tried this simple experiment? Can they possibly be that stupid at CBS?

As will the blogosphere, you idiots.