Tips to Buying a Quality Sweater for Men

Tips to Buying a Quality Sweater for Men

January 23, 2019 Off By Jill T Frey

One of the best times of the year for displaying a personal style is during the winter months. For men, it’s a time to show how they use the layering style to keep warm (where you wear a combination of lighter clothes together with one heavy garment). It’s also a time to show off the collection of high-quality sweaters like any Merino Wool Knitwear. High-quality sweaters keep men warm and work with any wardrobe. Often, the best high-quality sweaters are made of wool. Here are some tips to help you pick the best sweaters for the colder weather. 

High Quality Sweaters have High Quality Materials 

The most important factor about buying a sweater is the material it’s made from. Wool provides the best warm. It retains heat during the colder months. Merino wool is one the highest-quality wool merino. Sweaters constructed with knitted fabric are textile created from knitting. It is woven fabric that is flexible and easily created from smaller pieces. 

Other good materials include cashmere, alpaca fiber and cotton, polyester and cheap cotton. Cashmere is another form of wool because it’s made from Cashmere goat hair. Alpaca fiber is popular in South America. It is often specially made and harder to find. The material to stay away from is cheap cotton and polyester blends. They don’t offer as much quality as the higher end materials. 

Sweater Size is an Important Factor to Finding the Best Sweater 

Sweater size indicates how it will look on you. That’s why it’s important to find the best man’s sweater that fits correctly. When buying the sweater, look for the sweater chest size. A sweater should hug a man’s torso, but not be too restrictive. 

The length of the sweater is important too. To find the best size, it’s important to know a man’s shoulder measurements. Also, it’s important to measure the shoulder blade to the wrist bone. Measures from the back of a man’s collar to his waist. This will provide information on the exact measurements to fit him. 

Sweater Openings on Knitwear Wool Sweaters 

Some men don’t want pullover knit sweaters. They prefer sweaters made with an opening in the front. There two standard openings for a sweater: the button up and the zippered openings. The button up version of a high-quality sweater includes two options: half-button and button-down. The half-button is usually dressier because it has a turndown collar. The button-down version opens in the front. Thus, it resembles a jacket. It’s the relaxed look because it can be paired with one garment such as a turtleneck or be warned as a jacket. 

The wool knitwear is also available in the full-zip and half-zip. They are similar to the button style sweaters described above. The sweaters can zip up starting at the chest or they are like a jacket with two halves that zip. Finding a high-quality sweater for a man depends on the style and materials. Wool knitwear is one of the high-quality products that you should buy to stay stylish and warm in the winter.