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How Can You Apply For Birth Certificate with Assistance from a Lawyer?

A birth certificate is the most vital character record that makes it workable for anybody possessing it to profit by an extent of services that are offered by the Indian Government to its residents. It winds up important to get a birth certificate since it serves to set up the date and actuality of one’s birth into the world for an entire scope of purposes. They can be like gaining the privilege to casting a vote, admission to schools and the Government Service, guaranteeing the privilege to marry at a reasonable age legally, settlement of legacy and property rights, and getting government-issued personality archives like a driving permit or identification.

Application Method for Birth Certificate

The application of a birth certificate is beneficial for the child. The process is easy and can be done straightforwardly. The parents of the child are required to get the birth of the child registered with the concerned local authorities. This registration is to be done within 21 days of the birth of the child. If it is not done in 21 days, then a fine is to be paid at the time of application of the birth certificate.

An amount of INR20 is to be paid for the application of the birth certificate. You can click here to know more about the application process. The application can be made online, as well. Then the certificate is issued after the form of the Registrar is filled by the parents. Then there is verification with the concerned hospital, and then the birth certificate is issued. 

Documents Required

Several documents are required for the application of a birth certificate. Here are the four major documentation aspects that are required in this context.

  • Birth Certificate of Parents – This is required to know that the parents have their birth certificates.
  • Identity Certificate of Parents – The identity of the parents is required to be filled in the child’s birth certificate.
  • Birth Letter from Hospital – The verification of the hospital is done on the details that are provided by the hospital in the letter.
  • Marriage Certificate of Parents – The certificate of marriage of the parents are required to be presented as well.

These are the various documents that you will require for the application of the birth certificate of a child. You can click here to know more about the documents required.

Benefits of Lawyers Assistance

1) Better Legal Understanding – The lawyers have a better understanding of the law. You can click here to know how they can be beneficial for the application of birth certificates.

2) Proper Advice – They will be able to provide you with proper advice and assistance when you are applying for the birth certificate.

3) Hassle Free Working – You will have the job done in a straight forward manner. This will be of great help to you as well as your spouse.

4) You Don’t Need to Stress – You will have your job done and also won’t need to stress about it. The lawyers will do all the work for you, and you will get the certificate in the end.

These are how the lawyers can benefit you when you are applying for a birth certificate. They will be able to be of great help and also speed up the process of application.

These are the various things you need to know in regards to how lawyers can help you with the application and availability of a birth certificate of your child. They can be of great help and benefit as well, and it is advisable to avail their services.

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