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Self-study or Coaching which is better for JEE main preparation

Opting for the right way to do the preparations for JEE mains sometimes seem to be complicated. When it comes to choosing between self-study and coaching training, it is always said that a cohesive combination of both can only be the way out. Neither if stands alone can give a student the competitive edge over others in the modern academic environment. It is the expertise of the coaching guides and the hard work and motivation of the student in concern that shapes up the perfect preparation which counts for securing a higher rank in the final selection list. Both the processes have their individual odds and evens but to sum up, both are required with due emphasis.

The peer’s advantage

When a student opts for a coaching center, or highly specialized JEE preparation by Neostencil, he/she inevitably gets strategic guidance for JEE Main preparation which is a prerequisite to scoring high in a competitive examination. Moreover, you get to know more people like you who are also preparing for the same examination which helps you to maintain your level of motivation and enables the exchange of knowledge amongst your peers. Hence, attending a coaching center can be of much help to score high. However, if you do not go through the lessons done in the coaching center regularly at home, you tend to forget the learning and end up gaining nothing. Hence, the competitive edge supplied by the coaching guidance has to be augmented with a dedicated self-study or else; the final result will not be as per expectations.

The practice papers

When you are preparing for an examination as critical as JEE mains, you need to practice harder. The mock test papers of the coaching centers can prove to be of much help when it comes to gaining accuracy and speed. On the contrary, if you are going to depend only on self-study at home. You will lose the opportunity to face the mock test papers which give you a real feel of the examination prior hand. Hence, your preparations should be backed with the professional guidance that every coaching center provides a student.

The final hour tips

No matter how well prepared you are, the last minute suggestions and tips always platy critical in determining your scores in the final exams. These tips are generally provided by the coaching institutions and the experts who also keep on updating the students regarding the latest developments related to the syllabus, the pattern of questions and a lot more. Hence, it is important that you get yourself enrolled with a coaching institute that provides end to end guidance for JEE main examination along with maintaining your practice of self-study.


When you are attending a coaching class, you will hardly have excuses to miss it, but when it comes to self-study, we always find ample reasons to give ourselves. This might affect your level of preparation for the final examination. Enrolling to a coaching class will guarantee regularity in studies and make your preparations strategically planned and goal oriented. Though, your self-study practices should also be kept regular so that you do not lose out any opportunity to score high.

Goal setting

All the coaching classes support the students with individual counseling and goal setting. If you stay back home for self-studies, you will end up investing a lot of time in researching for the goals and the ways to reach them. The coaching institutes do the hectic job for you and guide you through the process relentlessly. The motivational words of the mentors and the teachers of the classes also keep your spirits high through the tedious journey of the preparations.

Hence, there are lots of advantages associated with a coaching class preparation for JEE Mains but the same needs to be supported by a regularized and dedicated self-study time.

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