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The History of Different Weapon Types

Whether you’re looking to have a day of fun at the shooting range or go out hunting, you have many different types of guns you can choose from. All of these different types are meant for different purposes and have different models for each. Look into the history of all of these guns before deciding which one you want to purchase.


Handguns are known for being able to be used with only one hand. While handguns are some of the cheapest guns you can purchase today, they weren’t that way forever. Before they were mass-produced, they were considered to be a lot rarer and only used for important positions that required them. This all changed however when Samuel Colt was able to build a revolver that could be mass-produced on the cheap in 1836. Today, you can go back and purchase hundreds of different handguns that have been produced since the 1800s. Make sure you find the handgun that works for you when considering both practicality and pricing when searching through the hundreds of handguns that have been released in the past.


Rifles are long guns that are meant to be held with both hands so you can get a more precise shot. The history of rifles is harder to track as you have to go much further in the past than handguns, but it’s believed that rifles first experimented with in Europe during the 15th century after archers found that adding a twist to the feathers on their arrows made them more accurate. This idea was implemented in the rifles we use now by adding a pattern of grooves along the wall inside the barrel. Now, you can purchase many different types of rifles such as ar-15 rifles online that you can use to be accurate when you’re trying to hit the middle of a target or when you need to get the perfect shot on an animal while hunting. Look around to find the perfect rifle for you.


Shotguns are weapons meant to be held from your shoulder in which it will fire a shell that releases more smaller pellets out when fired. Each pellet is known for having a low amount of energy compared to a normal bullet so for situations where you need something for long-distance, it’s typically only used for hunting since the energy of each pellet is enough to take down a bird for example. These guns were first developed in the late 1700s as a hunting weapon but gained popularity to be used short-range by guards and law enforcement. Consider a shotgun if you want a gun that can be used for hunting.


As the years go by, weapon technology will still keep getting better. Make sure to look into all of the newest models as you could be buying an older weapon that you find out is outdated in every way. Additionally, look into sales as some weapons tend to become cheaper everyone in a while.

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