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Tips for Hawaiian Destination Weddings

Do you want to have your dream wedding in Hawaii? It’s an excellent choice for a destination wedding. Beautiful island scenery, plenty to do and welcoming people. So, where do you start?

Choose an Island

There are four main islands of Hawaii: the Big Island, Oahu, Maui and Kauai. They are all different, so which best fits your needs? Oahu and Maui are the most populated and developed, they would be good choices if you enjoy the city and are looking for nightlife. Kauai is what you imagine when you imagine Hawaii- lush, tropical forests and pristine beaches. The Big Island is the largest island and hosts an active volcano! There is an option for every taste. Just remember to research the weather of your chosen island if you are holding your ceremony outdoors.

Choose Your Set-Up

Now that you’ve picked a place, how will you handle decor? Depending on the venue, you may need everything from tents to cutlery to chair rental hawaii style. This is especially important if you’ve decided to wed outdoors. There are plenty of on-island options to take this worry off of your mind. Maybe you can even find someone to hand out leis to guests as they arrive.

Choose Your Food

The one question on every guests’ mind- what will we be eating? Do your best to impress and entertain with your catering selection. It could be fun to offer traditional Hawaiian fare. This might include a pig roast, plenty of pineapple to go around and various forms of sweet potato. Tickle everyone’s whimsy with some fried spam hors d’oeuvres! A full guest is a happy guest.

Planning a wedding should be fun, a destination wedding even more so. Take stress out of the process with thorough delegation. There are lots of services on the islands of Hawaii that will help make your special day even more special!

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