3 Reasons Why More Small Businesses Are Using VOIP

VOIP, or “Voice over Internet Protocol,”┬áis a service that allows you to make calls over the internet. Many businesses are replacing their traditional wired phone systems with VOIP.

1. Easy To Set Up

One advantage of installing VOIP is that you do not need to buy a lot of new hardware (if any). The setup process usually takes two or three days at most. A small business can use a VOIP company to host their calls rather than having to buy their own VOIP hosting equipment (called an IP PBX). All your business needs to use VOIP is electricity and an internet provider with robust speeds.

2. Cheaper and Simpler To Use

Your VOIP fees will usually include unlimited calls in-country as well as low-cost international calls compared to wired phone companies. There is virtually no learning curve for your employees when you switch to VOIP.

3. Many Selling Points

In addition to being cost-effective, using VOIP for your small business has other attractive features. For instance, if your office moves to a new area, you can get a new VOIP number with the local area code. You can easily add users with their own voicemail when you hire new employees.

If your employees travel and/or work from home, they will have access to their VOIP account from anywhere. They can make VOIP calls from any cell phone or computer. Small businesses that use a customer database to make and log calls can smoothly incorporate VOIP into that system.

A VOIP company provides all of the fundamental functions you had from a wired phone account. This includes conference calling, call waiting, voicemail for each user and the ability to record calls. Customers will have the same options they are accustomed to as well, like hold music and a keypad menu at the beginning of a call.