4 Celebrity Singers Supporting Education

4 Celebrity Singers Supporting Education

Children around the world rely on education to help them reach their full potential, as school environments give them opportunities to learn, interact socially, and build life-changing skills. For some parts of the world, access to education is a challenge. As a way to relieve these conditions, those interested in making a difference can find a way through learning initiative grants Milford MI organizations offer. There are also some celebrities that campaign to make a difference as well, with the following being known for their education-encouraging initiatives.


The singer celebrity used his record-breaking song “God’s Plan” as the anthem for his philanthropic work, as it inspires individuals to give back to their communities. While he was filming the music video for the song, he donated $25,000 to the Miami Senior High School students and gifting the new uniforms. He also gave Destiny James, a first-generation college student enrolled at the University of Miami, a $50,000 scholarship.

Dolly Parton

Although famous for her country singing career, Dolly is also known for her charity the “Imagination Library.” A free service to children under the age of five, the charity sends books to children to encourage reading and cognitive development. Since the program was started in 1996, Dolly has donated over 100 million books to millions of kids in four different countries around the world.


Through her BEYGood Initiative, the music icon has funded over $100,000 worth of academic scholarship for students attending historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). She drew on inspiration from the styles, cultures, and bands of HBCUs to form the foundation of her Coachella performance.

Nicki Minaj

Another music legend, Nicki Minaj tackled student loan debt for 37 of her college-age fans. She announced that she would pay their full tuition or any remaining amount on their student loans. She has also been known to pay for education-related fees and textbooks for other fans.

Supporting access to education can help eradicate poverty and improve the next generations of our country. Like these individuals, find a way to do your part and help the movement.

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