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Jmockit review of the Old Style Aloe Rid – Pass a Hair Drug Test

One of the methods used nowadays to detect chemical substances in the body is the hair follicle drug test. Let’s say that everybody is already aware about adulteration and use of synthetic urine. Because of this, instead of a human liquid waste sample, they asked for a hundred or more strands. I guess, if you are smart, your employers are smarter. Since they have started to doubt the accuracy of the UDT, these employers are thinking that there would always be a better method to use. So, for them it would be better to require the said type of drug test.

In my opinion, this method is not different from others. It may be quite difficult for you to get a negative result. But, this is not a problem when you have the determination to get what you want because you will just need to detoxify by using the aloe rid detox shampoo. Here, you just need to spend some of your time and give effort on scrubbing and washing it. Well, if this is not too much to handle, then start reading product reviews and choose the brand with the highest rating.   

A hair drug test will actually detect toxins that entered your body when used illegally. It can show traces of heroin, marijuana, cocaine, nicotine, LSD, PCP, barbiturates and alcohol as well. Now, how will this detection work? After consumption, this will be going into your follicle through your bloodstream. Do you know that the metabolites or compounds can even stay there for up to 1 year? Though a maximum of 3 months is needed for this lab exam to be more reliable. Now, how do you think can these shampoos help you pass the test?

How is the lab exam performed?

Mainly, you will have to go to the nearest clinic or laboratory center when you are sent for this requirement. Here, the experts will have to cut 1 ½ inches of the strands for the sample. This specimen would be taken close your skull’s base. It is actually normal for them to take several strands and it is necessary, so you can’t also complain.

Why do they need such extent? It’s because it grows with ½ inches long per month. Since they need the length for three months, a total of 1 and ½ inches will be used for drug metabolite detection. After sending the sample, it will be processed for inspection. And then, they will ask you to come within or after three days. If you will notice, the result takes longer than the UDT, right?

What you must understand

First of all, you must be aware that substances enter your system in various ways, such as injecting, consuming or smoking. When the toxins are already in the body, these have to metabolize and then, it moves into the bloodstream. As these toxins travel, they are trapped in the hair.

The follicles have three layers, namely the medulla, cortex and cuticle. The toxins are collected in the cortex as it grows. The cuticle is the visible part and the ones you usually cut or trim. But what is needed for detection is the shaft.

Will shaving work?

Do you think that shaving will work? For example, you were notified to take this type of laboratory exam and you were given a schedule when to perform it. Because of this, you shaved, so that you can ask for a re-schedule.

Expect the experts to reject your request. They will not give you an appointment just because they cannot get a sample from your head. Remember that you also have hair follicles growing all over your body. Therefore, they can use these for illegal drug detection.

By the way, if you are going to do this method, you will look suspicious. It only shows that you are hiding something from the laboratory experts. This may also alarm these people and then, they may require you to take UDT, too.


It takes time to detoxify the body when you are a drug dependent. But the period that it will take you to flush away all the toxins will be lessened when you are going to abstain. Now, if you are not determined and willing to quit, then you have to use special shampoos to beat this type of detection. Technically, your hair dies after growing and passing the follicle. Once died, any ingested chemical will not affect it. However, cells cannot clean itself – you have to do something about this.

What you need is a hair detox shampoo that will not only clean the strands or cuticle. Make sure that it can also wash the shaft. This is what they will take from you because it is the core of every strand. This shampoo must be used multiple times. Anyway, read this to learn and understand more about shaft.

How detox shampoos work

Ample time is needed to remove the toxins in the shaft. Therefore, do not believe product advertisements when they tell you that it will work in just a few days. This solution may be able to clean and wash your hair just like the regular ones, but the traces of chemical compounds will still remain there.

Basically, these detox shampoos will just help in minimizing the detection of toxins. As you start scrubbing your shaft, the solution will find its way to the cuticle and beat drug traces slowly or little by little. Next, it will seal the follicle and when this happens, no traces will be found. Through this, expect a significant decrease in the amount of chemicals detected.

Keep in mind that this formula will not protect and save you from detection because it will usually last for only 8 hours. After this period, the seal will wear off and traces will be detected. Be very careful when you comb, blow and run your fingers on. These may also wear off the seal of the follicles. For this to work best, organize your schedule well.

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