Most Important Time to Go to Church

Most Important Time to Go to Church

The church, just like any other institution in the world, has come a long way, seen lots of changes along the way as it seeks to suit the needs of the worshippers. Time, today, is one of the rarest commodities that we have to effectively manage otherwise risk not fulfilling some of the stuff that we are required. With the emergence of various denominations, several options of worshipping God, for instance, The Elevate Life Church in Frisco have been presented to the public. Yet, in some way, some individuals have always managed to find reasons not to go to church. Several demographic factors, such as culture, work, capacity, and convenience, among others, have been the determining dynamics of how a particular individual attends any church services. Quoting one of the most famous spiritual writers of all time, “the most important time to be at church is when you do not feel like it.”

This quote can be interpreted in several ways. However, people, especially when bad stuff is happening in their lives, things such as breakups, financial crises, depression of sorts, and many more, they tend to stop going to church. Most individuals, when undergoing some trauma, feel like the connection they have been sharing with God is no longer there and that they have been abandoned. Others think that it is useless to keep going and lose the desire to continue attending church services.

Well, we are all human, and most times, it is reasonable to feel unsatisfied and often get grumpy. However, just like Hebrews 10:24-25 says, you should not give up on assembling with others (church) instead, keep each other company and keep the faith as Jesus’ return is fast approaching. The church is meant to act as a Family, and nothing keeps a member of a family healthier than unions with the other family members, outings together, and things like family dinners.

Not just the bad times, but also good times, one needs to find time to go to church. Services such as sermons will empower you, and praise music will also go a long way in uplifting your burdened soul. It does not mean that taking time to praise God, read the Bible and sing praise to God on your own is vague, however, joining others in worship will help in comforting, teaching and correcting you.

Another lesson that you, as a Christian, should learn when going through hard times, covenants, just like in the Bible- the Old Testament, they are made to remedy hard times. Thus, this is the time you need to talk to God more and more instead of giving up hope. Learn to share with other church members, be ready to learn. Everything may not be to your liking at church, the songs, the sermon, and much more, however, find a church that you deem comfortable, with welcoming saints and settle in.

There are a lot of churches out there, such as the Elevate Life Church in Frisco, find that one church that believes in God, Jesus Christ, and the Bible. Learn to share and accept other saints in the heaven-bound journey. Always make time, there is no excuse that is big enough, and remember, the church is not about you, and it is not meant to please you, it is meant to shape you, guide you and point you in the right direction. You may wake up that Saturday or Sunday morning, not feeling like going to church, believe in God, ask for His grace, prepare and go to church.

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