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Reasons Why You Should Visit India

We can all agree that only a few countries in the world share such long lasting and deep impression on visitors as India. You will be able to see a combination of layers of history, and you will not notice any other country that features so many oppositions.

The contrasts you will see will overload you wish senses of vibrant colors, sounds that will take you to whole different times and ages. Therefore, we can easily say that going to India will always feel unplanned and unexpected from what you thought at first.

Of course, you will return home with a completely new adventure that you can tell to others. Most people consider travel website as the place in which they can check the latest trips, tickets, hotels, and other facts that travelers should have.

When you visit some parts of the world, the pictures will enter your heart and will not go away. Yes, we are talking about India. You will be stunned with the lush beauty, the richness of land, and the combination of architecture and nature that will overwhelm you after each step.

Finally, the expressions from your hometown will seem like black and white when compared with India colors that will create an entirely new world in your reality.

1. People Are Amazing

India is a very diverse country, which means that you will find a wide array of cultures, religions, and different perspectives of people. The locals, especially the ones that live in the rural areas, are the most hospitable people that you will ever find in the world.

You will also notice that locals will invite you to their restaurants for you to try their traditional cuisine, and it will definitely provide you a sense of enjoyment.

Historical Landmarks

It is a must that you should visit one of the seven wonders of the world: the Taj Mahal. It is an iconic landmark that represents not only the India’s history, but as well as the present, and it is also one of the most famous monuments in the world.

You probably know that Emperor Shah Jahan made it for the loving memory of his wife, and it represents the combination of beauty that you watch in awe when you stand in front of it.

It is essential to visit this particular mausoleum because that way you can say that you were able to personally witness the part of India’s history. By checking here, you will be able to get more information on Taj Mahal.

2. Food Is Delicious

Since nutrition became an international thing, Indian food has become one of the most famous traditional cuisine all over the world. Nevertheless, you will not be able to truly enjoy the specific meals without visiting India even once in your lifetime.

Of course, everything depends on your specific taste but always keep in mind that Indians take their food seriously, and you can find different things on plates across the country.

For instance, in the North, you will be able to enjoy in creamy curries and spicy food.

The best meals at North are tandoori chicken, parathas, as well as mutton rogan josh. As you can see food in the North is influenced by Mughlai and Persian cooking styles.

On the other hand, the Southern Indian cuisine uses other ingredients such as seafood, coconut, as well as rice, and it is much spicier when you compare with the North cuisine.

The best dishes in the South are fish coconut curries and masala dosas. Even if you are a vegetarian or vegan, you will still be able to enjoy perfect meals, because you can find plenty of Indians who are also vegans.

3. The Holy River

India features one of the longest rivers in the world that runs 2,525 km through India. However, it is much more than the ordinary river that runs through a country, because it is in their lifeblood and it is a part of the holy perspective.

It feeds millions of people in the form of agriculture, industry, and fishing, and it is a religious place in which people believe that it transports prayers to heaven, so everyone has to dip inside to purify the soul.

That is the main reason why most Indians go to Varanasi as the part of the pilgrimage, and they participate in ceremonies in which they are cremating the deaths at the Gang River. Hindus also believe that when you wash away ashes in the river, the soul will be transported to heaven.

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4. Amazing Beaches

South India is a beautiful part of the country and best place if you wish to escape from the busy life that happens in Northern regions.

One of the most popular beach destinations are Goa, but even though these areas are crowded, you can find other beaches as well that are perfect, popular and without too many people around.

5. Embrace The Chaos

As you can see, the thing that happens across India is not similar to any Western country, and that is a fact you have to remember. The idea is to embrace the chaos that you see around you and avoid entering panic and anxiety situations.

The idea is to learn how to go with the flow, how to relax, and to be cool with things that are happening around you. There is a charm in chaos.

6. Spirituality and Religion

Most people across the globe decide to visit this beautiful country in search of spirituality and religion. The main reason for that is that India combines these two in everyday life.

Since it is home for all major religions in the world, you can find diversity all around you. You have to observe locals that are engaging daily rituals, and you will notice the peace that they are carrying with themselves.

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