Things to Consider Before Buying a Horse

Liability Insurance

Owning a horse may seem to hold the promise of ultimate freedom and the ability to explore the great outdoors. But there are many other considerations before making this decision. Horses need extensive care, which can take up a lot of time and money. In addition to the health and wellness costs of a horse, is equine liability insurance if you want to be sure you aren’t financially responsible for any of your animal’s destructive behavior, accidental or not.

Before Buying

It is important to be comfortable with horses before deciding to buy one. This is why it is sometimes recommended a person enroll in regular riding lessons before owning their a horse. This will teach you how to care for and work with the animal before you are solely responsible for it. It is also suggested that before buying a horse, you could lease one from your trainer. This allows you to ride the horse and assist in taking care of it, without shouldering the complete financial burden. If this still isn’t enough one-on-one time with the horse, then maybe you should consider buying.

Liability Insurance

All animals can be unpredictable, but horses especially when they are spooked. If you own a horse, it can be a wise decision to purchase liability insurance for the animal. This way if the horse injures someone on your property or damages someone else’s property. You may not be fully financially responsible for the damages. The insurance policy will protect you similar to how car insurance does when you are at fault in a wreck.

Purchasing a horse is a big decision with serious time and financial responsibilities. If you go through the steps of enrolling in riding lessons and leasing a horse first. However, it might give you a better idea of whether or not you should buy your own.

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