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6 Fashion Tips to be Fashionable Nowadays

6 Fashion Tips to be Fashionable Nowadays

First off, let’s all agree that fashion is subjective. We all have different opinions and ideas on what it means to be fashionable.

For some people, the latest trend is fashionable while for some, they’d prefer to rock some vintage clothing.

Since we’re not here to debate whether vintage fashion style is better than modern trendy outfits, let’s go straight ahead and look at some fashion tips and sample outfits that are highly fashionable these days.

Fashionable tips to keep in mind

1.    Sustainability

However much subjective fashion may be, the line we never cross is on sustainability. We are living in a world of fast fashion meaning, less environmental care.

Take it as an appeal from me to choose sustainable fashion. Visit US Reviews to find the best stores that sell environmentally friendly clothes.

Whether you are on a spree to find, Korean fashion brands, Indian fashion, or Italian fashion brands, at you will find a list of Italian fashion brand reviews in the US.

Ethical and sustainable fashion should be the baseline for any fashion company.

2.    Keep it simple

Whatever you choose to wear ensure it is as simple as it could be.

Simplicity in this sense means choosing to wear basic colors, fewer items of clothing with fewer patterns.

With choosing to wear simple, you will spend way less time worrying about what to wear and what goes well with what clothing, it will also help reduce clutter. Simplicity also projects more confidence.

Style simplicity cuts across consistency, paying attention to details, focusing on essentials, and maintaining a capsule wardrobe.

Complex outfits appear more dramatic and in most cases are out of touch. To pull off a complex outfit take more time and will require skills.

3.    Accessorize

The best way to make your outfit stand out and keeping it simple is by accessorizing.

Accessories make your outfit look more stylish and well put together.

Some examples of fashion accessories you may want to have are; bracelets, belts, ties, watch, necklaces, piercings, and rings among others.

Accessories compliments an outfit.

The Jewellery overall improves your appearance and makes you look beautiful.

4.    Wear what fits

Fitting clothes is a very underrated aspect of the fashion industry.

I know what you’re thinking, the latest trend is wearing oversized clothing.

Baggy clothes look more comfortable and relaxing, and something you’d probably wear at home.

However, in an official setting, they are just unflattering. They make you look like you don’t care.

Don’t we all just admire men in well-fitted tuxedos, with a small lapel pin hanging right in their pocket square?

I mean, you can still jazz up your loose-fitting clothes type of style but do it for the right occasion.

There’s a huge difference between fitting and tight clothing. Fitting clothes are more comfortable unbreathable unlike the latter.

5.    Do you

Personal style is important in fashion these days. Looking through social media to find the latest fashion trends may make you go crazy.

Everybody is trying to look like a runway model. That’s not the right way to do it.

Choose what works best for you, what makes you feel confident, what is a better image of yourself, and again, what fits you.

6.    Build a capsule wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is a representation of minimalism. We all have that one piece of clothing that we never wear and we don’t want to throw it away.

Building a capsule wardrobe means getting rid of excess clothing and keeping your collection as simple and intentional as you can.

It relieves you of the decision fatigue of picking an outfit every day.

Bottom Line:

You don’t need to break the bank trying to be fashionable with the latest trends. There are some affordable, unisex clothing that will never go out of style:

Take a look;

·       Denim.

Whether it’s summer or winter, denim is the right call. The good thing is that there is a range of fashionable denim to choose from.

·       Turtle necks

There is no better way to start my list than with a turtleneck. Turtlenecks have been there for a long time and they are and will remain fashionable.

It’s unisex clothing that can be matched up for any occasion. Talk of a formal dinner with colleagues. A black turtle neck with a suit is unbeatable.

Want to go out on a date? A well-put-together turtle neck outfit may just be the thing to complete your date!

Turtlenecks also go well as a ladies office-outfit, for those in the corporate, legal, and other formal careers.

Let’s not forget, denim and turtlenecks are much needed for the winter season.

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