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Is Frozen Food Bad For Your Health?

Is Frozen Food Bad For Your Health?

Even though frozen foods has made eating and cooking more convenient for us, it should not become a habit. Research shows that frozen foods affect our health as they slow down the reactions of enzymes in the body. Lots of experts say that the ingredients used in freezing foods are not the same as those used in cooking them. Sometimes, frozen food are made with harmful ingredients such as starch and corn syrup which are considered carcinogenic substances.

Even though we cannot completely avoid frozen foods, we can avoid them to some extent. We can opt to order food from companies that deliver fresh products. You can read about ready meals delivery online reviews on to see which companies deliver fresh products and which do not. You can also get to know about the reputation of the company based on the experience of other customers if their food are really fresh or not. This will guide you to decide if you should patronize the company or not. Here are some of the reasons you should avoid frozen foods:


Most times, starch is added to frozen foods to improve the taste and texture of the food. Starch is part of the glucose chain, and your body converts it to sugar before it is absorbed. As such, this causes excess sugar in your body and can damage the body tissues. You are even more at a higher risk of getting diabetes if it runs in your family, so you should avoid it at all cost.

Heart diseases

Frozen foods also cause heart diseases. Most frozen foods have a lot of trans fat that clogs your arteries and increase your chances of getting heart diseases. Trans fat increases the bad cholesterol in your blood while reducing the good cholesterol, which originally prevents heart diseases. Besides, frozen foods often have lots of salt which increase your blood pressure.


Eating too many frozen foods causes cancer, one of the most deadly diseases in the world. For instance, frozen meat has been linked to pancreatic cancer and foods such as salamis, sausages, etc. have been proved to increase the risk of cancer by over 60%. In most frozen foods, corn syrups are usually used as preservatives, and this has carcinogenic effects.

Wasting of muscles

A lot of frozen foods have a lower number of calories than required. For every meal, there is a recommended number of calories nutritionists around the world have agreed upon. However, when you get less than the required number of calories from your foods, you are hurting yourself. Since there are no calories to work with, your body starts to sacrifice your muscles, which is more expensive for you to maintain. Therefore, you lose weight and have to overeat to gain back your muscles.

However, not all frozen foods are bad for the health. What makes a frozen food good or bad is the quality of the ingredients used in making it. depending on the content of the frozen food, it can be more nutritious than some fresh foods. For instance, fresh foods are harvested directly from the farm and could take days before they get to you. However, that same food can be harvested and frozen instantly, preserving its ingredients.

When picking frozen foods, you should look out for the ingredients. Only choose foods that contain natural ingredients like fruits, lean proteins, veggies, whole grains, etc. Ensure you read the labels to check for the amount of salt or sugar the foods contain. Stay clear of foods with high amounts of sugar and salt.

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