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Staying Healthy with Slow Pressed Juice Recipes

Staying Healthy with Slow Pressed Juice Recipes

Ever heard of a healthy juice other than cherry and prune? No? Well good news. There’s more than one! Pressed juice recipes are actually good for the body. They provide detoxification, a boost of energy, boosted immunity support, and rejuvenation.

They’re also low in calories, so it’s a definite win-win. It’s known for weight loss and something easy for the digestive system when you’re not really hungry. Researchers say are that juices that are freshly made absorb nutrients than eating whole fruits/veggies and reduce the risk of cancer, it’s great for the body, in other words.

There are many types of slow pressed juice recipes to try, if you’re into low-calorie stuff, there’s plenty. Low-calorie juice gives your body lots of enzymes, and they’re stocked with nutrients as well. Helps you recover quickly from the fatigue and stomps out things like anemia. Great, huh? Let’s not forget that vitamin C it has!

Beets are good, too! If you’re a first-timer in trying it, rest assured, they’re not as bad as most think; surprisingly sweet, once it’s added to a slow pressed juice recipe, you get liver protection, toxin remover and a healthy cleanse just what the body needs.

This also helps for those that may be allergic to foods or sensitive, and the slow pressed juice recipes have natural sugar. So as a heads up, take a few days to give your body the break that it needs s you reintroduce your body within the diet.

This also helps with losing weight that comes from the water in the body. It gives less bloating, but will come back to surprise you if your diet is the same from before. On a good note, the body will get a very nice boost in nutrients since the slow pressed juice recipes are plant-based and gives your body the vitamins and minerals that it needs

The most popular fruits vegetables that are commonly used for juicing are:

Carrots – Good source of fiber, vitamin K, potassium, and beta-carotene.

Cucumber – Detoxifies in kidney and liver functions, 95% water.

Celery – Low-glycemic, dietary fiber, vitamin A, C and K. mostly water.

Kale – Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, fights arthritis and diseases.

Spinach – Anti-cancerous properties, packed with vitamins, VERY healthy.

Beets – Lowers blood pressure, inflammation and detoxification.

Romaine – Low fiber, high calcium, magnesium, vitamins C and K, folate.

Apples – Heart Healthy, fights inflammation.

Lemons – Cleansing agent

Oranges – Boosts Immune System with Vitamin C.

Limes – Magnesium and potassium.

Ginger – Supports immune system and aids in digestive system.

Parsley – Rich in vitamins A, C, and K, improves bone health, antioxidants.

Chlorella – Improves cholesterol, immune system, detox, blood/sugar levels.

Turmeric – Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

There are many benefits to these veggies and fruits that are helpful in fighting diseases and cancer. For example, did you know that kale and spinach has some really, really strong anti-oxidants and vitamins with anti-cancer benefits?

Or that cucumber and lemon is known for it’s extreme help with liver and kidney since it has a lot of water just in one (95% to be exact) as well as being a cleanser for the body? You can never have too much lemon.

All of these fruits/veggies mentioned play an important role for the body and its functions, so feel free to experiment with them to find the perfect recipe of a healthy juice!

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