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The Best Options for Choosing the CBD Display Box

The Best Options for Choosing the CBD display box

The CBD display boxes are a type of packaging characterized by the presence of a transparent window that shows the product contained inside the package immediately.

The boxes can be made of different materials. Usually, the packaging is in paper while the window is in PVC. However, this is not a rule. Some sectors, such as the food industry, use only certified raw materials specifically designed for food packaging.

For the High Tech Sectors

The high-tech sector, on the other hand, focuses on extremely resistant materials, designed to preserve the integrity of the product. Indispensable also for pharmaceutical packaging and for the packaging of cosmetic products, thanks to the ability to combine safety and aesthetics.

  • Beyond material, shape or color, what makes this solution interesting is the possibility of combining two very important aspects, communicative effectiveness and product safety.
  • The ‘ communication effectiveness is one of the main reasons to choose this solution if the company wants to focus on communication in store. The commercial objective of this packaging, in fact, is to attract the attention of the customer within the store and encourage the purchase.
  • The box, in fact, immediately shows its contents. It does not make any “commercial promise” to the customer but communicates with aesthetic immediacy and quality of the goods. An affordable price and a good dose of motivation will ensure that the sales funnel reaches its peak with the purchase of the item, in a completely spontaneous way.

Furthermore, the CBD display box is suitable for accommodating two or more products from the same line. Therefore, it is a suitable solution for creating promotional boxes or gift boxes , for example on the occasion of the Christmas holidays. This is an effective commercial strategy to encourage the consumer to spend a budget slightly higher than his forecasts, with a positive return in terms of the number of products obtained and image.

Boxes with window and safety: keep the product

If it is true that the primary objective of packaging is to involve and amaze the customer, it is equally true that the packages also perform a practical function, that is to guard the product and protect it from any accidental damage, thermal shock or impact.

Properly guarding the product, without affecting the graphic rendering of the package, is essential, especially during the most “sensitive” periods, ie holidays, sales, the launch of a new line or brand, or a special promotion. These are moments in which the influx of customers within the store could significantly increase, therefore, the choice of a CBD display box that at the same time communicates the product at its best while protecting it, is recommended.

Speaking of in-store communication, you may also be interested in POP materials: what they are and why they are essential for your company

The customized window boxes

Here are two examples of paper window boxes, ideal for cosmetic and hair care products. The windows of the boxes have been studied by Fashion Color to guarantee all the benefits that these packs are able to bring both to brand and product communication.

The CBD display box for cosmetic products, for example, is a solution designed mainly for companies in the cosmetics sector, ideal for hosting products from the same line, combining aesthetics and communicative effectiveness. Thanks to the PVC window, in fact, the product is the protagonist of the package together with its branded and personalized packaging.

Last Words

The CBD display box with drawer opening, on the other hand, is a multifaceted solution designed to adapt to different product sectors and to store fragile or valuable products that need protection from bumps, shocks or continuous manipulations by customers.

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