Top Ways To Protect Your Crane Operators

Safety is imperative on a construction site, which means you need to put safeguards in place to ensure your employees stay free from injuries. Any heavy machinery has important guidelines and safety requirements for operation. This prevents unnecessary accidents from occurring on the site. Crane operators have specific needs when it comes to staying safe on the worksite. Here are some of the top ways you can protect your workforce from preventable injuries.

Use Trained Personnel

Crane operators have to be trained in how to operate bridge cranes Chattanooga safely. Each person on the crane team requires specialized education on how to set up the crane, how to use the controls and what hand signals to use during operation. Without the proper training, crane accidents will occur and can cause injuries or death.

Choose the Correct Crane for the Job

Each crane is made with a specific environment in mind. The crane you choose for your worksite needs to meet the needs of your area. Large tower cranes are fantastic for building skyscrapers, but on a smaller building site, it can create a disaster.

Perform Daily Safety Checks

Every morning a safety check needs to be done to ensure the equipment is working properly. If a problem arises, a knowledgeable crane technician will need to be contacted before the crane is used. The operator should check the tires, fuel levels, oil levels, turn signals and more to ensure everything is as safe as possible.

Know the Load Limits

Even though every modern crane has load limits posted clearly, the operator should have them memorized. This can help them steer clear of dangerous lifts and make sure the loads they carry are of the right capacity at all times.

Any heavy machinery is dangerous without the proper precautions. Keep your people protected when you strive for the best working environment possible.

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