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Is It Time for a New Car Battery? 3 Warning Signs You Should Know

Is It Time for a New Car Battery? 3 Warning Signs You Should Know

Your car runs not only on gas but also on a battery. When you turn your key in the ignition, a signal is sent to the car’s battery. This notice triggers the vehicle to convert chemical energy into electrical energy, which alerts the engine to kick on. Without this vital component, the car isn’t moving. To avoid frustrating power loss, owners should replace this part when it begins to wear. When is that? Here are three ways to know you should seek repair.

1. It Doesn’t Turn Quickly

Observe your car’s ignition sound. When you hit the start button or turn the key, you should hear a cranking noise. It’s typically loud and fast, indicating efficient and proper performance; over time, the battery loses energy (much like an overused toy) and begins to sound slower and weaker. When you notice this change, seek out a place that sells vehicle batteries West Seneca NY.

2. The Lights Are Dim

The battery isn’t just responsible for kickstarting the engine. It also powers the lights in the vehicle. That means your headlights, internal lights and dashboard rely on energy to produce bright light. If your headlights look dim or the radio or dash is harder to read, then the power isn’t enough to keep them going.

3. The Battery Has Corrosion

Occasionally, check under the hood of the car. Inside, scan the contents. You may not be an expert, but you can begin to understand what it looks like on a usual basis. Take note of the battery’s appearance. If acid is coming out as you drive, it could be rusting on top of the battery. The car still functions, but the corrosion gets on the conductors, limiting the power supply.

Keep on moving with a strong battery. Often, visual changes to the car’s operation are related to the battery’s condition. Be aware of what is happening, and get a new part if you are concerned.

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