Month: December 2020

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The Best Options for Choosing the CBD Display Box

The Best Options for Choosing the CBD display box

The CBD display boxes are a type of packaging characterized by the presence of a transparent window that shows the product contained inside the package immediately.

The boxes can be made of different materials. Usually, the packaging is in paper while the window is in PVC. However, this is not a rule. Some sectors, such as the food industry, use only certified raw materials specifically designed for food packaging.

For the High Tech Sectors

The high-tech sector, on the other hand, focuses on extremely resistant materials, designed to preserve the integrity of the product. Indispensable also for pharmaceutical packaging and for the packaging of cosmetic products, thanks to the ability to combine safety and aesthetics.

  • Beyond material, shape or color, what makes this solution interesting is the possibility of combining two very important aspects, communicative effectiveness and product safety.
  • The ‘ communication effectiveness is one of the main reasons to
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