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How John Branca Attorney at Law, Has Helped Music Stars Take Back Their Power

Despite making millions of dollars, embarking on world tours, and having many fans around the world, some of the most famous musical artists have struggled with maintaining say in their careers. Some musical artists have been taken advantage of by predatory music labels, managers, and agents. John Branca, Attorney at Law, has represented some of music’s top acts and helped them take back their power.

Creedence Clearwater Revival

Creedence Clearwater Revival or CCR, has been producing rock music since the 1950s. Their iconic sound was often heard on radios around the country during the turbulent 1960s. Despite their music’s popularity, group founder John Fogerty wasn’t getting his fair share of album royalties. John Branca, Attorney at Law, helped Fogerty finally secure the rights to his songs’ royalties.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is probably John Branca’s most prominent client. Branca famously helped Jackson buy ATV Music Publishing for a cheap price. This publishing house included the rights to the Beatle’s song catalog. Later, the John Branca age of Michael Jackson’s career allowed the star to become a shareholder in Sony.

Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson, impresario of the Beach Boys, also benefitted from John Branca’s expertise in the music industry. Branca’s assistance in representing Wilson helped him get more input in the Beach Boys’ representation and management. This also led to Wilson finally seeking help and coming out of his seclusion.


Aerosmith also owes a lot of thanks to John Branca, Attorney at Law. In 1991, the group staged a successful comeback and signed a deal for four albums. This would help the group skyrocket back into the popular music charts and secure its place in rock and roll history.

ZZ Top

Next on the list is ZZ Top. The band has been producing blues and rock hits since its inception in the late 1960s. This group benefitted from John Branca’s negotiating power when they inked a five-album deal with BMG for $30 million.


Santana is another act that has achieved a higher level of success. The band’s namesake, Carlos Santana, received an honorary doctorate in music from Occidental College in Los Angeles in 2006. This honor wouldn’t have been possible without John Branca’s influence.

Talented artists in the music industry are always at risk of signing bad deals and letting others take their publishing rights away or their power. With John Branca, some stars have gotten their power back and continued to stay at the top.

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