What Are the Basic Oil Tank Services?

There are a few essential oil tank services. They include inspections, cleanings, and testing. Often, you’ll need all of them performed by a single company. But you can get a licensed environmental company to take care of it.


Inspecting your oil tank can give you peace of mind. A leaking oil tank can cause significant environmental issues and affect your property’s sale. You can arrange for an oil tank inspection to ensure proper abandonment. A licensed oil tank service can inspect for you. This process is beneficial to your home and family and can also benefit the buyer. Inspections of oil tank services Spring Valley, NY, are highly recommended at least every two years.


There are many different methods of performing basic oil tank cleanings—these range from the manual to the automatic. There are also robotic options for the job. Regardless of the way you choose, there are several things you should know before beginning the process. First, you should know how to avoid any accidents or injuries during the cleaning process. In addition, you should wear the appropriate safety gear. Depending on the tank’s capacity, you can use a chemical cleaner or an alcohol solution. Ensure that your tank is clean and that no impurities are in the tank before cleaning it.


The most common oil leaks in storage tanks occur along the bottom, and while there are many other reasons why a tank might leak, there are certain things to look for before you schedule an oil tank leak detection test. Most often, leaks result from water getting into the tank, and this water can corrode steel. In addition, bacteria that live near the oil-water interface can increase the amount of corrosive action in the tank. To detect leaks, you should have a professional conduct the test.


Proper installation and yearly inspections of oil tanks can boost your heating oil savings. Unchecked equipment increases the risk of damage. However, regular upkeep decreases chances for both your property and the environment. It is also essential to supply your new oil tank with heating oil.  There aree professionals that are trained in oil tank installation and maintenance. They can also help you choose a heating oil provider.

Overfill alarms

Overfill alarms are an essential part of basic oil tank services. This device is activated when a tank reaches 90% capacity. The sensor sits near the floor of the bund, which will be filled with fluid and then break the connection, triggering the audible alarm. The alarm will let you know to come back and get the problem fixed as quickly as possible. If you are unsure about the right time to check the tank, ask the contractor to check the system.


Performing seasonal oil tank checkups is essential to ensure that all is well with your oil tank. You should also check the vent pipe on the outside of your house, which should be free from debris. You should be able to see a vent pipe next to the fill pipe. If it is clogged, the vent pipe will not work correctly. Therefore, it is vital to have the vent pipe inspected by a professional to allow the proper transfer of oil.

Sand abandonment

Sand abandonment removes the tank contents and is necessary for high water table areas. First, a confined space entry team cleans the tank’s bottom and inner sidewalls. After the contents are removed, sand is pumped into the tank. After the sand is in place, the tank is closed, and the piping is removed.